BeepCab FAQ

June 20, 2016

How does BeepCab work?

Available Taxicabs close to you are displayed on a live map.
You can hail the closest driver with the click of a button.

What will I need to take a BeepCab?

  • An Android or iOS (iPhone) Smartphone.
  • The BeepCab app installed on your mobile device.
  • A free BeepCab account.

Is this a ‘Ridesharing’ app?

No…. We only work with registered taxi drivers. BeepCab is a modern take on cab hailing.

How safe is this?

BeepCab is a safer alternative to traditional cab hailing because we have all the driver details and licenses on file and we also keep track of every transaction. If you lose something call us or the driver and we’ll do our best to get it back to you!

What will it cost me?

The App is free. You simply pay the taxi fare!

Your fare is automatically calculated within the app using the distance traveled as well as the time taken on your journey. Below are the rates used to calculate fares and you may use our easy ‘Fare Estimator’ in app to estimate your fare before hand by entering your location and destination. Fare are only an estimate and maybe subject to change by the driver based on the number of passengers, pick up time (after hours) luggage or optional extras. Please feel free to confirm the rate with your driver before you accept passage. The driver’s identity and taxi number will be displayed once the ride is accepted, additionally, you will see a call and SMS icon in app where you can call or message your driver.

Air Condition is always included in the fare so you’re comfortable!


 All Cabs  Standard  Vans Luxury
Base Fare $5 US $5 US $6 US $10 US
Car fare (per min) $0.25 US $0.25 US $0.40 US $0.40 US
Car fare (per km) $1.40 US $1.40 US $1.50 US $1.875 US

How can I pay?

  • Cash directly to the driver.
  • Credit card (MasterCard/ Visa/ Amex).

How safe are my credit card details?

Your credit card details are saved in the app and cannot be accessed by the driver or anyone from BeepCab. When paying with your card a special token is created and encrypted before it is sent to the payment processor. Your details are always safe!